Wedding Planners: 4 Major Roles They Play To Make the Event Glorious

Every successful event you see has great planning skills behind it. Most people forget that money is not all they need to have a great event such as a wedding. Time has come for couples to understand that having a memorable wedding depends on how it’s planned. Those who aim at having a great wedding invest in the expertise of wedding planners. Couples should always understand that hiring a competent wedding planner in Sydney is not an expense, but rather an investment. Here is what competent planners do to make weddings great.


Budget is a dreaded word in any big occasion such as a wedding. Most couples have no problem creating a budget, but they have a problem sticking to the created budget. A budget helps a couple to know what can work best for their wedding and what they can’t afford at the moment. Experienced planners help couples to achieve the unexpected by just sticking to the budget they help them create. A big budget does not always mean a happy marriage afterwards. Being content with what you can afford for your wedding is the surest way of being happy.

Design your wedding

It’s true that not all planners are great wedding designers. However, most of them have hints on how a wedding should be designed. Although this may largely depend on what the couple wants, the planner may come in to check if their choice is appropriate for the event. Any experienced wedding planner in Sydney is conversant with the trendy sitting arrangements, table setting and color choice for both rural and city weddings.

Organize transport

Although most couples just designate a few transport vehicles for the bride, groom, bridal party and parents, they forget transport goes way beyond this. Any competent planner knows that a special car should be set aside for transporting gifts and photography crew. Most brides expect the video and camera men to take good photos and videos even while they are applying make-ups at the dawn of their big day. This would never be if there is no transport designated for the photography crew.

Vendor liaison and communication

Planners of such great events are taken to task when looking for vendors and maintaining constant communication with them. This requires the planner to communicate with different vendors to know whether they are ready to supply whatever is needed in good time. Various communication methods such as meetings, texts, phone calls and emails are effective. The planner should update the couple if there are any concerns, questions and changes from the vendors.

The worst mistake any couple can make is undermining the roles of a wedding planner in Sydney with an aim of saving more. What the planner may charge you for the service may not be as regrettable as a tainted wedding image in the presence of your esteemed guests. Most guests are totally unhappy when things run haphazardly in a wedding they have spared precious time to attend. In fact, most couples do not think about the money they used on their planner when their guests and friends later congratulate them for the way their wedding was incredibly planned.