Wedding Planners: 4 Major Roles They Play To Make the Event Glorious

Every successful event you see has great planning skills behind it. Most people forget that money is not all they need to have a great event such as a wedding. Time has come for couples to understand that having a memorable wedding depends on how it’s planned. Those who aim at having a great wedding invest in the expertise of wedding planners. Couples should always understand that hiring a competent wedding planner in Sydney is not an expense, but rather an investment. Here is what competent planners do to make weddings great.


Budget is a dreaded word in any big occasion such as a wedding. Most couples have no problem creating a budget, but they have a problem sticking to the created budget. A budget helps a couple to know what can work best for their wedding and what they can’t afford at the moment. Experienced planners help couples to achieve the unexpected by just sticking to the budget they help them create. A big budget does not always mean a happy marriage afterwards. Being content with what you can afford for your wedding is the surest way of being happy.

Design your wedding

It’s true that not all planners are great wedding designers. However, most of them have hints on how a wedding should be designed. Although this may largely depend on what the couple wants, the planner may come in to check if their choice is appropriate for the event. Any experienced wedding planner in Sydney is conversant with the trendy sitting arrangements, table setting and color choice for both rural and city weddings.

Organize transport

Although most couples just designate a few transport vehicles for the bride, groom, bridal party and parents, they forget transport goes way beyond this. Any competent planner knows that a special car should be set aside for transporting gifts and photography crew. Most brides expect the video and camera men to take good photos and videos even while they are applying make-ups at the dawn of their big day. This would never be if there is no transport designated for the photography crew.

Vendor liaison and communication

Planners of such great events are taken to task when looking for vendors and maintaining constant communication with them. This requires the planner to communicate with different vendors to know whether they are ready to supply whatever is needed in good time. Various communication methods such as meetings, texts, phone calls and emails are effective. The planner should update the couple if there are any concerns, questions and changes from the vendors.

The worst mistake any couple can make is undermining the roles of a wedding planner in Sydney with an aim of saving more. What the planner may charge you for the service may not be as regrettable as a tainted wedding image in the presence of your esteemed guests. Most guests are totally unhappy when things run haphazardly in a wedding they have spared precious time to attend. In fact, most couples do not think about the money they used on their planner when their guests and friends later congratulate them for the way their wedding was incredibly planned.

Tips for Buying a Perfect Wedding Dress on a Budget

 A good wedding dress will give you that ravishing look on your wedding day. It is, therefore, extremely important to find the right wedding gown. Wedding dressescome in different shapes, designs, sizes and prices. Price is a scare for many brides. Considering your tight wedding budget plus the exorbitant wedding dress prices you’ve heard about, your dream wedding gown looks too far out of reach. But don’t give up just yet, it is possible to have your dream dress for less. There are plenty of gorgeous wedding gowns for brides on a budget. So what’s the secret? All you need is a little bit of hard work and proper planning. Here are some tips to help you get your dream wedding gown at a significant price cut. See details Luv Bridal

Wedding Dresses

Buy early and go simple

You’ll have to pay a rush fee if you place your order on short notice. The price can run as much as a third of the original price of the gown. Place the order 10 to 12 months in advance to avoid these additional costs.

Beadings and embroidery on wedding dresses come at an extra cost. You may want to have minimal embroidery on the dress or skip it all together. Also, dresses with multiple fabrics cost more. Choose a dress made of one fabric so as to stay within your budget. Find out more at

Give secondhand a second thought

Secondhand dresses obviously cost less than new ones. Brides wear their gowns once, for less than half a day. Buying secondhand means that you will get a dress that is not only flawless but costs half the original buying price. You can look for secondhand wedding dresses in classified websites or consignment shops.

 Look out for the sample sales

Wedding salons clear their older stocks to make space for the latest fashions through sample sales. You may be lucky enough to find a designer dress at 50 or 25% off in a sample sale blowout. So keep your ears and eyes open for the upcoming sale if you want to save on costs.

Shop off season

Most weddings happen in summer and spring. Wedding gowns are in high demand in these seasons. And, of course, the prices are expected to go up. You can score great discounts by shopping off-season. If you are doing a wedding during summer, buy your dress in the winter months. Strapless and sleeveless dresses are likely to go on sale during these months.

Buy separates

Buying separates is another innovative way of sticking to a tight budget. You buy the pieces in different places where they are less expensive. You may buy the skirt in one bridal boutique and move to another one where the top is less expensive. Separates are a growing fashion trend in the bridal world. Check out Dan Hadley Adelaide

Final word

If you don’t want to start your new life in debts, you need to keep wedding costs on the low. You can save lots of money on your wedding dress by purchasing a less expensive dress. It is possible to have a classic, gorgeous and special gown for less. The above cost-saving tips should guide you through.

Why hire Tiffany chairs for events

One of the things that are usually overlooked by bridal couples as they plan for their wedding is chairs. Couples will spend so much time styling their tablescape and forget the impact that will be brought by having just any chair. Chairs play a role in making you marquee or hall look stylish because thinking about it; the first thing that a person meets as they walk into a wedding reception is the chairs. These objects, therefore, set the tone for the rest of the decor. Having beautiful chairs is a smart investment if you are looking forward to leaving a lasting impression. It’s for this reason that tiffany chair hire services are being sought for events.

They come in a variety of materials and styles giving you loads of options to choose from. You cannot therefore miss one that complements your theme.  The materials available include wood, metal, and plastic. The styles available have been tailored to meet every taste and suit every need. These days, for example, transparent plastic chairs are available, which give your event a very contemporary and designer feel as well. These chairs could also be dressed with cushions and seat pads to serve more comfort and transform the attractiveness of the chairs. However, this is not a necessity for these chairs are attractive even without covering.

Tiffany chair hire is cheap as opposed to buying them although buying them in wholesale is also cheap. Also, these chairs are stackable, hence easy to store for future events. Their light weight also makes them ideal for carrying and stacking before and after any event. The chairs are comfortable. This is brought about by their design. They have cross slats that enable accommodation of different shapes and sizes of people. Their padded seats also make them enjoyable to sit on.

The Tiffany chairs come in different colors, including gold, silver and brown. The white tiffany chairs are the most popular for weddings. This is because the white color complements the wedding whites, including the white table clothing. They bring a classic yet elegant and romantic feel to your reception space. White washed tiffany chairs could also be used for events to bring about a natural, rustic or vintage feel. Ghost tiffany chairs that are also available for hire are great for setting a modern, elegant and clean cut mood in a wedding reception. Take a look at Dan Hadley Adelaide

Just as the colors and decorations are important in dressing a room, chairs are too. Use tiffany chairs to create an elegant atmosphere in your event. Taking your time to shop for the best tiffany chair hire service available is of great importance for any event holder. You can seek recommendations from friends who have hired these chairs before. Also you can take your time and do some research on the Internet. It’s important to be on the lookout and avoid persuasion to seek cheapest services available for only you will deal with the stress as you look at your wedding photos later on.

5 Tips to Simplify Your Search for Party Rental Company

Planning a party is a big deal. It might appear to be a simple and straightforward task, but the number of factors you have to look into will make the task more complicated. It is, therefore, a time-consuming and stressful activity. If you are planning a party for a special occasion such as a wedding, your child’s birthday party, or your anniversary celebration, it puts on more weight to the one tasked to handle the party planning. If you want to ease the burden off your shoulders, consider tapping a party hire Perth has today to help you organise a special event. This type of service is an all-in-one solution for your party planning needs.

A reputable party hire Perth company offers several benefits to your quest. They can either have you rent equipment you need for the party, or help with organizing the details of the event. Regardless of what type of service you choose to get, these benefits can only be enjoyed if you find the right party rental company.

Use this fool-proof guide to finding the right party rental company to organize your special event:

  • Opt for a company with an extensive inventory of party equipment. If you are going to choose a party hire company, then you might as well get all the needed equipment in one place. You can save a lot of money because you will most likely be paying for the whole package. At the same time, it will also eliminate the stress of having to look for other equipment from another company.
  • Choose a company that can cater to large sized events. This is an essential quality to look for in a party hire company – you want a company that has experience in handling large events. It does not mean that you should also go beyond the size of your event planning but instead it provides you peace of mind knowing that the company can handle events, no matter how big or small.
  • Choose a company with great reviews. Reading reviews is one of the best ways to determine the capacity of a party hire Perth has to offer when it comes to smoothly planning your party. However, do not take everything you read at face value. Take time to investigate each review – is it written by a legitimate customer? Are there are any proof that the service given was exactly as it is written on the website? Always check and verify the information you read about a party hire service.
  • Opt for a company that specializes in full-time party planning. There are some companies out there that are handled by individuals as a part-time job. Although this does not mean that they are not as good as full-time party planners, you can have more peace of mind when you choose the latter. Their services are more dedicated to your needs and their time is focused primarily on getting your event planned in the most organised method possible.
  • Choose a company you trust. When you meet the staff of the party hire company, you follow your gut instinct. Do you have a good rapport? Do you think you can work well with this company and their staff?

In Perth, party planning is made easier with companies like Swan Event Hire. Choose a company that has built a good reputation in the industry and within your local area for a stress-free party planning. a

Photos that make memories timeless and beautiful

Wedding photography has evolved over the years and has been through the digital revolution. Photography is an essential part of any wedding as the couples want to capture every moment of their big day to relive them throughout their lives. The wedding photography Brisbane photographers offer today is creative and unique to make your photos stand out from the crowd.

Latest trends in wedding photography

Nowadays, couples are ready to experiment with new styles and themes to add a fresh and new look to their wedding photos. They are open to suggestions from the photographers regarding angles, poses, filters and themes. Some of the latest trends in wedding photography include the use of enhanced colours which means washing layers of colours on the photos in postproduction editing to bring out certain tones and lighten others. Adding or enhancing hues helps to achieve a dreamy, vintage look. You can also go for film-based photography which can take you back to the early twentieth century and give a grainy look when shot in black and white or sepia tones. Instant photography is another fun option if you want to take home the photos right after the event. Adding textures and filters can give an esoteric and arty feel to the photos if you have an artistic bent upon mind. Features like tilt-shift lens or holga photography can add a new twist to the old styles.

Nowadays, many couples ask their Brisbane photographer to use the drone photography method to capture overhead shots of the whole event. Photos can be candid or posed for, classic or quirky, natural or dramatic depending on the personalities and choices of couples. Photos tell stories and the couples want their wedding photos to show their journey.

Types of shots in wedding photography

Bride and groom individual shots are very common. You can choose the couple photography option that the wedding photography Brisbane companies offer for your proposal, engagement, pre-wedding or post-wedding photo shoot. These photos are intimate, romantic, fun, sensuous, dramatic, casual or set-up. Couples can make use of props and photo booths to increase the fun element. Lifestyle photography can be chosen in which couples are made to pose in specific settings to give an artistic and dramatic touch to the photos. Alongwith couple photography, shots with family and friends, bridal party shots and candid shots of the whole event can be taken if the couple wants a full documentation of their big day.

Locating the best wedding photographer in Brisbane

Wedding photography Brisbane companies can be easily found by visiting websites like and browsing through their showcase. If you like what you see, then you can book or consult online or contact the photographer by phone or email. You can discuss the photography style and budget with the photographer and tick that duty off your long list of wedding details.


Wedding photography is usually very expensive but the Brisbane wedding photography packages are very budget friendly and flexible to suit the needs of the couple. The packages start from 900$ and go up to 3500$ depending on the kind of coverage and services chosen by the couple. You should go for reputed and certified photographers only so that there is no chance of your photos getting messed up and your memories being lost forever. So choose the best wedding photographer for your big day.

Common Frequently Asked Questions for Picking a Perfect Wedding Venue

Right after your engagement, among the things you will have to think about is the location. As simple as it might appear, the concern of where to host your wedding event is not a basic one to fix. Getting suitable help from a reliable company of reception venues Melbourne has to offer can be an exceptional starting point. Typically, couples would select a location in their hometown and consider it a done deal. Today, with many wedding event occasion locations used, your option of wedding event location is no longer limited.

At first, you have to reveal the essential issues prior to picking reception venues Melbourne has today. To discover the best venues for a wedding reception in Melbourne, below are important questions to answer:

What number of visitors will be taking part in the wedding ceremony and reception?

The range of guests will identify what location you ought to choose, especially where size is worried. Yours can be a little occasion or a full-blown Broadway-worthy production. Based upon the variety of guests, you can select the ideal reception venues Melbourne has that will be able to accommodate everyone. It is similarly important to search for the knowledge of a professional in wedding event preparation to encourage you on available wedding party venues Melbourne has today.

Apart from that, it is needed to consider the sort of visitors you will have. Do they have young kids? Are they elderly people? The actions to such concerns will recognize whether you take the occasion to a beach, a park, or a banquet hall. Check it out at SkyHigh Mount Dandenong

Is it a spiritual event? Is there any specific spiritual regimen that needs to be done?

A spiritual wedding celebration would have to occur in a church or other spiritual set-ups, which suggest that you would need to schedule your place early, even prior to your schedule with the reception place. Besides, some spiritual areas do not provide specific flowers and some have guidelines and constraints you have to follow. In addition, if you do not share the same faith with your partner, it is suggested to hold the occasion in a neutral place.

Just how much work will you need to do yourself?

Working with professionals is a need for occasions to be kept in the best wedding reception function venue in Melbourne. The same is true for your wedding and reception. You can decide to do it yourself. However, why not maximize precisely what event organizers can do for you? Let them do all the work, so you have simply a couple of things to stress over.

For example, you might opt to pick a special area such as in a barn. Nevertheless, you have to do some preparations for your preferred wedding and service function locations Melbourne offers, such as clearing the location, setting tables and chairs, preparing the lighting and concept designs, to name a few. Besides, any plan should have a backup strategy in case of rain or something disruptive.

If you are considering leasing a reception hall, this setup generally includes a one-size-fits-all strategy. It would work to your benefit if the service features post-celebration cleanup and other activities that will make the next day less taxing.

For more questions on offerings for budget wedding venue Melbourne has today, check or other online sources.