Because Every Girl Needs a Little Bling

Jewellery showcases love, wealth, charm, grace, dignity, beauty, triumph and yes, the oomph! Today, be it weddings, anniversaries, parties, social gatherings, proposals, birthdays or any kind of celebration, nothing says ‘congratulations’ better than a shimmering piece of jewellery. Everything from necklaces and armlets, bangles, rings, waistbands, anklets to tiaras, all are adored by women. These accessories have found their popularity all over the worlds; be it in traditional India, festive New York or even in classy London. This is why engagement rings Melbourne CBD jewellers sell today are popular all over the world. With amazing jewellery shops, malls and boutiques, these little charms have lured everyone with their charisma.

Everything from carving names to rare stones can be embedded on these beauties. Furthermore, engagement rings Melbourne CBD jewellery designers have to offer are some of the finest you will come across.

Below are some tips on how to pick the right jewellery design:

The Right Band with the Best Cut Diamonds

The client can make a choice of the metal for the band, from gold to white gold, silver, platinum, and oxidised, etc., the choices are many. Furthermore, the cut of the diamond may vary according to one’s needs. It may be clear, coloured or a mix of two or more types of stones. After this, other minute details such as the width of the band, customisation of wedding/engagement bands, embedded initials of the bride and groom and a variety of creative stuff can be added to make them more appealing and give a personal touch.

The Perfect Fit

Some jewellers make ‘one size fits all’ jewellery pieces. These are made by measuring an average, standard for men’s or ladies’ size and are available as it is. However, shops which sell custom-made jewellery are always sought after. Wearing a piece of jewellery that perfectly fits you, like an engagement ring, is better than wearing a standard size.

Professional Advise

Jewellery professionals who have great knowledge and experience in the field are needed. They assist you in making a good choice and more importantly, a significant investment of a lifetime, because let’s face it; these bands should be sturdy enough to last through your entire life that you’re going to spend with your better half. Other services, like selecting the ring based on your career is also crucial. Office goers generally need a simpler design, which isn’t too flashy, and maybe a hair stylist needs something plain, with minimum or embedded stones so that it does not prove to be a hassle when doing someone’s hair. A good professional will offer all the necessary advise, considering your budget, lifestyle, personal favourites, lucky stones if any, favourite colour, etc.

Carefully Selected, Unique Pieces.

A good jewellery designer will always ensure that the diamonds reflect the most light and brilliance to ensure that the wearer looks stunning while wearing it and catches the eyes of onlookers. Engagement rings Melbourne CBD jewellers have today are sourced tactfully from all across the globe to give the wearer nothing but truly the best.

Lastly, it is believed that in order to tell someone that you truly love them, there’s no better way than with a little diamond! Visit

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