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Welcome to the new home of Odds & In’s Online!

Homeless Charts gallery just put online- Celtic is next with updates to Botanical and Shadowstitch coming in March! All galleries EXCEPT the Celtic and one of the Contemporary Artwork are online- I will try to get those 2 up as soon as possible! *CHART NOTES* Charts are made up entirely of whole stitches (no specialty, 1/2’s or backstitching) and are optimized for use with DMC floss although you will receive conversions for J&P; and Anchor as well. Most will run about 192×250 and are designed for 24 count cloth so they may be stitched on nearly any needlework fabric of a smaller count (ex: 14, 16, 18 etc). Standard charts will use between 15 & 60 colors with the average being 45 and will be between 3 & 12 pages with the average being 6- charts using more will be listed in the Challenger section.